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All Systems Go!

2022 Netreo User Group Get-together

September 13 - 14, 2022

All Systems Go! is our annual Netreo User Group Get-together for IT, DevOps, Devs, monitoring, and observability professionals. We're going bigger and better this year! Join us for TWO DAYS of networking with fellow industry pros and engage in 30+ sessions covering:

  • What's Now and What's Next in Monitoring, Observability, and more
  • Expert Insights on IT Strategy & Business Leadership
  • A full day of Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for Using Netreo, Retrace, & Prefix

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All attendees will receive a free Netreo Certified User Training course or Netreo Certified Administrator Training course and a free 1-year Prefix Premium subscription.* PLUS, all attendees who register by September 9th will receive a Netreo SWAG bag following the event!**

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Why Attend?


Exciting Product Updates

Hear from the Netreo product team and executives on exciting product enhancements


What's Now & What's Next in IT

Join fellow industry experts for discussions on the state of IT and what's coming in 3-5 years


Deep Dive Product Demos & Training

Explore the Netreo full-stack monitoring and observability suite, and take advantage of technical sessions


Meet Your Favorite Netreons

Virtually connect and meet the Netreons you work with on a regular basis

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Network with Fellow Users

Meet fellow users of Netreo, Retrace and Prefix and share tips for how to best use each platform

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Sessions Made for Everyone

Engage with awesome content no matter what walk of IT you come from

Schedule At-a-Glance

Tuesday, September 13th

Time Session
8:00am PT Keynote: All Systems Go!
8:30am PT A 2023 Data Center Will Be Completely Different - Patrick Kennedy (ServeTheHome)
9:00am PT Why Monitoring and Observability is About Giving Our Teams and Executives Superpowers - Jesus Cordoba (Planet)
9:30am PT Panel Discussion: Navigating Changes and Challenges that Come with Digital Transformation - Matt Penner (Val Verde USD), Jonas Lundgren (SBCSS), Kevin Fong (Netreo)
10:00am PT Monitoring Trends: Where Is It All Going? - Josh Chessman (Netreo)
10:30am PT Netreo and Arrow - Value Through Distribution - Nicholas Zebrowski (Arrow ECS)
11:00am PT Driving Change Management in Digital Transformations - Paul Hutchison (BECU), Rami Thabet (RBC), Jas Young (Netreo)
11:30am PT Software Development Organization: A Lot of Great Ways to Screw It Up... - Ari Shinozaki (Netreo)
12:00pm PT The Top 10 Mistakes in B2B Sales for Startups (... and Any Growing Company) - Martin Giese (Fast Forward)
12:30pm PT Key IT Trends in State and Local Government - Bryana Corlett (Netreo)
1:00pm PT Key IT Trends in Retail - Jena Jones (Netreo)
1:30pm PT How to Build and Maintain a Winning Culture of Success - Steve Smith (Decision Point Systems)

Wednesday, September 14th


Time Session
6:00am PT Netreo Channel Partner Get-together (Invite Only for Netreo Channel Partners)
8:00am PT Keynote: Netreo Product Evolutions - Melissa Phillips (Netreo)
8:30am PT Keynote: Netreo Customer Success - Megan Amos (Netreo)

Breakout Sessions

Time ITIM Track Session APM Track Session
9:00am PT No Device Left Behind: Dynamic Onboarding & Device Management with Netreo - Brian Olsen (Netreo) The Future State of Application Performance Monitoring - James Michaelis (Netreo)
9:30am PT Cloud Monitoring in Netreo - Maranda Williams (Netreo) Retrace 101: Maximizing Your Capabilities with Retrace APM - Kyle Jackson (Netreo)
10:00am PT Auto-magic Automation: Dynamic Attributes and Auto-configuration parameters in Netreo - Steve Welch (Netreo) Profiling with Open Telemetry: A Developer’s Story - Dan Gidman (Netreo), Maranda Williams (Netreo)
10:30am PT Leveraging the Power of the Netreo API Interface - Zack Weingartner (Netreo) Logs, Errors, and Comprehensive Performance Insights with Retrace - Gennie Cheatham (Netreo)
11:00am PT Make Alerts Meaningful Again! Minimizing Incident Noise Using Netreo - Jacob McJunkins (Netreo) How to be a Developer Superhero - Dan Gidman (Netreo), Maranda Williams (Netreo)
11:30am PT Monitor Everything with Netreo - Chris Sternberg (Netreo) Driving Efficiency with Custom Dashboards in Retrace - Amanda Allen (Netreo)
12:00pm PT Saving Time with Templates in Netreo - Sana Amber (Netreo) Creating Highly Effective Monitors, Alerts and Notifications in Retrace - Mark Quevedo (Netreo)
12:30pm PT Netreo AIOps: Autopilot - Practical Use Cases for AIOps - Brian Durham (Netreo)  
1:00pm PT Keeping Your Microsoft 365 Estate In-Check with Netreo - Furquan Khaja (Netreo)  



Jasmin  - Netreo Squares

Jas Young


Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Kennedy - Netreo Squares

Patrick Kennedy

Serve the Home


Megan Amos 2 - Netreo Squares

Megan Amos


VP, Customer Success

Jesus Cordoba  - Netreo Squares

Jesus Cordoba


Senior Director, Platform Operations

Andrew Anderson  - Netreo Squares

Andrew Anderson


Co-Founder and President

Melissa Phillips - Netreo Squares

Melissa Phillips


VP, Product Management

Ged - Netreo Squares

Ged Caldwell


Chief Revenue Officer

Maranda - Netreo Squares

Maranda Williams


Product Manager

Jena  - Netreo Squares

Jena Jones


Business Development Representative

Josh Chessman - Netreo Squares

Josh Chessman


VP, Strategy and Innovation

Gennie 3 - Netreo Squares

Gennie Cheatham


Customer Experience Engineer

martingiese - netreo squares

Martin Giese

Fast Forward


Steve Smith - Netreo Squares

Steve Smith

Decision Point Systems


Bryana - Netreo Squares

Bryana Corlett


Business Development Representative

Paul Hutchison - Netreo Squares

Paul Hutchison

Boeing Employees' Credit Union

SVP, Business Solutions

Amanda - Netreo Squares

Amanda Allen


Developer Support Engineer


Rami Thabet

Royal Bank of Canada

Vice President, Digital Product

VikramBellur - Netreo Squares

Vikram Bellur


VP, Global Service Providers & APAC

MattPennerNew -Netreo Squares

Matt Penner

Val Verde USD

Director of Information & Instructional Technology, CCTO

Aritomom - Netreo Squares

Aritomo Shinozaki


VP, Engineering

Kyle Jackson - Netreo Squares copy

Kyle Jackson


Retrace Customer Operations Lead

Nicholas - Netreo Squares

Nicholas Zebrowski

Arrow ECS

Supplier Manager

Dan Gidman - Netreo Squares

Dan Gidman


Principal Engineer

JonasLundgren-Netreo Squares

Jonas Lundgren

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

Director of Technical Services

Brian Olsen  - Netreo Squares

Brian Olsen


Director, Engineering Operations

_James Michaelis - Netreo Squares

James Michaelis


Product Manager

Steve  - Netreo Squares

Steve Welch


Customer Operations Engineer

Richard - Netreo Squares

Richard Drewelow


VP, Sales & Channels, Americas

Jacob  - Netreo Squares

Jacob McJunkins


Customer Success Engineer

Chris Sternberg - Netreo Squares

Chris Sternberg


Senior Product Manager

Brian Durham - Netreo Squares

Brian Durham


Professional Services Engineer

SanaAmberNew - Netreo Squares

Sana Amber


Professional Services Engineer

Kevin Fong - Netreo Squares

Kevin Fong


Customer Success Manager

Zack  - Netreo Squares

Zack Weingartner


Services Engineer

Mohammed  - Netreo Squares

Furquan Khaja


Services Engineer

Mark - Netreo Squares

Mark Quevedo


Developer Support Engineer

*Must register using a legitimate and verifiable business email address and attend two or more sessions throughout the event.

**Must register by Friday, September 9th using legitimate and verifiable business email address and attend two or more sessions throughout the event. US Only due to international shipping constraints. International attendees will receive a digital gift card.