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IT Infrastructure Monitoring "Gotcha's" - The Stuff Your Vendor Won't Tell You

Deploying monitoring tools and using them is simple, right? Sign the contract, deploy the monitoring system, configure it, and you’re off and running! Not so fast…

Under-deployed and under-utilized monitoring tools consistently plague IT organizations and hinder digital transformation efforts. How can you avoid this while limiting costs and getting the most out of your tools? Join Netreo VP of Innovation & Strategy and former Gartner Senior Director Analyst Josh Chessman in our on-demand discussion detailing common pitfalls or “Gotcha’s” vendors fail to share when you select that shiny new monitoring tool.

In this webinar Josh explores:

  • The real footprint of common monitoring tools
  • Inherent challenges of OS-based monitoring systems
  • The realities of administrative overhead
  • Scalability (or lack thereof)
  • Monitoring with Netreo - without the "gotcha's"