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Monitoring + ITSM + CMDB: Together in Perfect Harmony

Considering monitoring systems normally do not include ITSM functionality, it’s paramount that monitoring and ITSM tools work in sync. While both solutions often share an overlapping dataset, the parallel nature for each tool type can lead to conflicts, which in turn impacts the efficiency of IT operations.

View this webinar to explore the best ways to make your ITSM/CMDB and monitoring integration seamless and easy, and streamline your operations process so efforts can be applied to resolving technical challenges rather than spending valuable time chasing down data synchronization issues.

This webinar will cover:

  • Good, Better, Best – keys to seamlessly integrating monitoring and ITSM/CMDB tools
  • An introduction to the Netreo ServiceNow Application
  • What Netreo is cooking up in terms of new products in the realm of ITSM and CMDB integration


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